Start Your Own Personal Training Business Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success (ebook)

Author: Cheryl Kimball Personal training is an exciting industry to be in right now! Starting a personal training business can offer a satisfying combination of financial reward, a flexible schedule, and a career where you can make a profound difference in the lives of others. As skilled personal trainer, having good business knowledge and judgment … Read more

Office Ergonomics 101

“So often I stand in front of a group of workers who have been encouraged to attend the workplace Ergonomics Training session. Their expectations are often very low. They wonder, how much is there to say about the arrangement of your keyboard, mouse and screen/s? I’m pleased to say, that I generally finish the session … Read more

The handmade marketplace : featuring new online strategies and crafter profiles (book)

Author: Kari Chapin Make money doing what you love. Kari Chapin’s insightful and inspiring guide to turning your crafting skills into earned income has been completely revised and updated. The Handmade Marketplace is filled with proven techniques that can help you brand your business, establish a client base, sell your products, and effectively employ all … Read more

Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business : Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success (ebook)

Author: Jacquelyn Lynn With 70% of all manufactured and retail goods transported by truck, it’s the perfect time to broker your own share of this transportation industry. Learn to apply your time management and communication skills as you pair shippers and carriers to move cargo and make money in the process—straight from your home. The … Read more

Three home truths about “the entrepreneur’s life” from a mum of two

“It was the night of the SheStarts showcase where the 10 winners of $100k in pre-seed funding were being announced. Hundreds were assembled at the Dr Chau Chak Wing building in Sydney. Beautifully-groomed guests relaxed from a pre-ceremony drink (or two) while finalists tried to distract themselves from the nerves of the impending announcement by allowing themselves … Read more

New research resource available for entrepreneurs!

We currently have a short trial of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database. This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit of practical guides, templates, forms, sample … Read more

Million dollar women : the essential guide for female entrepreneurs who want to go big (book)

Author: Julia Pimsleur Over the past twenty years, women in the US have started nearly twice as many businesses as men, but only three percent of all women business owners ever make revenues of one million dollars or more. Most are stuck running kitchen-table businesses, just getting by, or in many cases, running out of … Read more

The Gig Economy : The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want (ebook)

Author: Diane Mulcahy From Uber to the presidential debates, the gig economy has been dominating the headlines … and for good reason. Today, more than a third of Americans are working in the gig economy — mixing together short-term jobs, contract work, and freelance assignments. For those who’ve figured out the formula, life has never … Read more