A hot startup raised $89 million in 5 days using these 24 slides

Tech investors are throwing money at Front, a five-year-old startup that aims to change the way teams get work done. The startup makes a shared inbox app that lets teams handle messages from email, texts, Slack, and social media, all in one place.

This year, the 28-year-old cofounder and CEO of Front, Mathilde Collin, went on a five-day fundraising sprint to raise a Series B round. She pitched 11 investors, received 10 term sheets, or investment offers, and walked away with $US66 million ($AU89 million) from Sequoia Capital and several others.

Collin later wrote a blog post to share the pitch deck she used to raise venture (and it’s not the first time she’s opened up Front’s books a little bit to help other entrepreneurs).

With her permission, we’re republishing the pitch deck to show how Silicon Valley startups win over investors. Some of the data has been censored for public viewing, but the pitch deck is still worth a look for any startup seeking investment of their own. Read more

Melia Robinson – Business Insider Australia – 17 June 2018