A startup that raised $66 million in 5 days reveals the biggest mistake people make when they prepare a slideshow

  • A hot Silicon Valley startup raised $US66 million in 5 days using 24 slides.
  • The company’s CEO shared the pitch deck she used to raise the investment.
  • It reveals a smart tip for how to prepare an effective slideshow presentation.
  • The biggest tip: Keep each slide simple.

Raising venture capital for a startup is no cakewalk.

There are high stakes, probing questions from investors, and pressure from employees to return to the office with a deal on the table.

So it’s noteworthy that Mathilde Collin, the 28-year-old cofounder and CEO of the shared-inbox app Front, raked in $US66 million and 10 investment offers in five days. Collin latershared the pitch deck she used to raise venture – and it’s not the first time she’s opened up Front’s books to help other entrepreneurs.

Of course, she didn’t do it alone. Read more

Melia Robertson – Business Insider Australia – 24 June 2018