A tech startup disrupting Australia’s building industry has launched an equity crowdfunding raise

  • PT Blink, which aims to disrupt the $356 billion Australian construction industry, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign.
  • The company’s technology claims to be able to put up a multi-storey building in up to half the normal time.
  • The $2 million raise is via OnMarket, the Australian equity crowdfunding platform.

PT Blink Limited, a technology company with a way to put up multi-storey buildings up to 50% faster, has launched an equity crowdfunding raise of $2 million via platform OnMarket.

The technology is a way of constructing multi-storey buildings using tensioned steel to create a structural backbone manufactured safely off site, and delivered for assembly.

Murray Ellen, founder of the Sydney-based PT Blink, says the construction sector is set for a shake-up.

“I am excited to use equity crowdfunding to fuel the growth of PT Blink Limited and to also share the opportunity with investors throughout Australia to participate in a business which provides a dramatically different method for the construction of multi-level buildings,” he said. Read more

Chris Pash – Business News Australia – 28 June 2018