Alternatives to networking events

“Herded  around the room like cattle (by what will undoubtedly be some unnaturally chipper presenter with a penchant for buzzwords) your standard networking session consists of misspelt name tags, awkward jokes and a barrage of banal questions and tasks. It’s kind of like speed dating, except instead of trying to find a potential hookup, people are seeking…business connections? All under the guise of too bright smiles, disingenuous, Tom Cruise levels of enthusiastic probing and a mutual understanding that neither of you particularly care about what the other person is saying; you’re just feigning interest until it’s your turn to speak.

I’m not saying don’t go to networking events (especially as I’m convinced they are some kind of cult and I don’t want to die) but to consider alternative avenues.” Read more

Josie Kent Little Tokyo Two 14 Mar 2017