Australian manufacturing is not dead, says Frosty Boy MD

Queensland-based manufacturer, Frosty Boy Australia says that the manufacturing industry is not dead, despite the highly-publicised closure of many manufacturing companies across thecountry, and the populist view that the sector is on its last legs.

The Office of the Chief Economist has confirmed that there has a been a decline in the manufacturing sector, and Frosty Boy has bucked the trend with growth in more than 54 international markets.

Frosty Boy was established in 1976 and makes frozen desserts and beverages and its managing director, Dirk Pretorius, says those working in the manufacturing sector who are able to bring a unique combination of expertise, innovation and efficiency can be both successful and commercially viable on the international stage.

“It is possible for Australian manufacturing brands to be successful on the international stage by adopting a culture of constant advancement in innovation and technology,” says Pretorius.

“Ranking sixth in largest employer by sector, the importance and potential of manufacturing in Australia should not be overlooked but embraced with open arms, intellectual rigour and innovative offerings. Read more

Business News Australia – 18 Jan 2018