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StartupSmart explainer: What’s the deal with equity crowdfunding, and should I do it?

Last week, the Australian government passed new legislation extending equity crowdfunding to private businesses and therefore considerably more startups. But what has actually changed, and should startups be taking advantage? Equity crowdfunding allows investors to pledge relatively small amounts of investment into a company in exchange for equity in the business. Initial equity crowdfunding legislation passed in March … Read more

How the founders of snowsports safety startup ANTI proved their product worked — and Steve Baxter wrong — by bashing each other over the head

Brisbane-based startup ANTI has taken home the title of Australia’s Emerging Creative Startup 2018 for its super-safe snowsports beanie, following a pitch that saw the founders bashing each other over the head with a wooden stake. The startup won the title at the annual Creative3 event hosted by QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, and will now … Read more

Electric cars and coffee tables: The startups combining tech and tradition at Melbourne’s “very necessary” Space Tank Studio

At first glance, Space Tank Studio looks like just another workshop on an industrial street in North Coburg. There’s a circular saw, worktops strewn with tools and drawings, and something I later learn is a laser cutter; AC/DC is blaring. But look a little closer and there’s intricately crafted woodwork spirals with neon lights running … Read more

$1.4 million pledged to harness creativity of Aboriginal entrepreneurs

Aboriginal startups in Victoria have received a $1.4 million funding injection, with calls to further harness the creativity of indigenous entrepreneurs across the nation. LaunchVic will support indigenous business accelerator Barayamal, the Global Sisters business program, entrepreneurship-focused Project Ngarrimili and RMIT University to help launch a new generation of business owners. The funding support will … Read more

“They’re going to have Googled you”: Girl Geek Academy co-founder Sarah Moran on how to take control of your personal brand

Whether she’s winning awards for entrepreneurship, popping up in videos for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission or championing other women on Twitter, it seems like Sarah Moran is everywhere lately, offering insights into her life as co-founder and chief executive of Melbourne ed-tech startup Girl Geek Academy. Moran undoubtedly has a profile in the Australian … Read more

How two co-founders of property management startup Pleased.Property went from launch to exit within two years

Melbourne-based rental management startup Pleased.Property has been acquired for $2 million by ASX-listed real estate platform, almost exactly two years after it was founded. The $2 million acquisition figure is comprised of $1.4 million in buyMyplace shares, plus $600,000 in cash. Launched in 2016 by co-founders Gerard Holland, Domenic Saporito and Jeremy Goff, Pleased.Property … Read more