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Anna Wright’s BindiMaps mobile app has unlocked a whole new world for people with vision impairment by removing the barriers to mobility. BindiMaps transforms the way people with vision impairment navigate complex indoor spaces.  The mobile app employs Bluetooth technology to locate a network of Bluetooth beacons combined with mapping and a route-guidance system to … Read more

Fintech OpenSparkz scores $1.5 million in over-subscribed round to tidy up the loyalty-card space

Rewards startup OpenSparkz has secured $1.5 million in an over-subscribed second seed-funding round, despite being pre-revenue. Founded two years ago by chief executive Terry McMullen and co-founders Ian McKenzie, Debra Taylor and Nigel Lovell, OpenSparkz is a Platform-as-a-Service startup allowing consumers to consolidate multiple loyalty and points programs into one. The investment was led by … Read more

Sydney startup secures grant to develop adorable robot helping sick kids at home

Sydney medtech startup Ikkiworks has secured a $25,000 Minimum Viable Product grant from the New South Wales government, to develop and refine its robot companion for seriously ill children. The ikki robot monitors vital signs and medication for kids while they’re at home, rather than in the hospital. It can alert families when medication is due, if … Read more

Legaltech Josef partners with fellow startup Luna to bring lawyer-bot to the ecosystem

Melbourne legaltech startup Josef is working with fellow Aussie startup Luna to help out even more startups by demystifying the complexities of the fundraising process. Luna, formerly #CorporateAdvice, has launched the Luna Investment Hub, a platform offering information and advice designed to help startups secure investment in Australia, in partnership with Startup Victoria. The startup has brought … Read more

Women’s ride-sharing startup Shebah embarks on $3 million equity crowdfunding campaign, after male VCs failed to get on board

Women-only ride-sharing startup Shebah is launching a $3 million equity crowdfunding campaign to boost its tech and fuel overseas expansion, and to share the startup’s success with its community of supportive women. Launched in 2017, Shebah saw 190% year-on-year growth in its user base, turning over $1.8 million in 2018. Speaking to StartupSmart, founder and chief … Read more


Entrepreneurs Mario Hasanakos and Alex Badran have revolutionised the ‘piggy bank’ with Spriggy, a banking app for families to encourage children to ‘turn pocket money into practical life lessons’. Since its launch in November 2016, Spriggy has welcomed more than 160,000 members to its Spriggy family.  The app provides children with a digital piggy bank, … Read more