Be more pirate : or how to take on the world and win (book)

Author: Sam Conniff Allende
Have you ever wanted to make your mark on the world and wondered how? Have you ever wanted to stand up to the system, break it, or make it better? Have you ever wondered how to find success amidst unpredictability? The answer? Be More Pirate. In Be More Pirate, Sam Conniff Allende reveals the game-changing innovations of 18th century pirates and identifies five key takeaways from this golden age of piracy: Rebel: Draw strength from standing up to the status quo; Rewrite: Bend, break, but ultimately rewrite the rules; Reorganise: Collaborate to achieve scale not growth; Redistribute: Fight for fairness and make enemies of exploitation and Retell: Weaponise stories and tell the hell out of them. Using these pioneering strategies as examples and looking to modern-day pirates like Banksy, Elon Musk and Malala for inspiration, Conniff Allende shows you how to build your own manifesto, a pirate code 2.0 fit for the uncertain 21st century.
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