Customers have become accustomed to seamless and timely interactions with businesses, regardless of industry. For businesses to successfully engage customers they need to continually provide and optimise new experiences and services. Despite this knowledge, businesses across Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ) are lagging significantly behind global companies when it comes to adopting digital. Infosys’ recent study Infosys Digital Acceleration Study: Infosys Australia and New Zealand found that almost a third (30%) of all businesses feel they are trailing behind international counterparts.

Taking your business to the forefront by implementing digital comes with a number of benefits. The main objectives driving digital transformation initiatives in the region are increased sales (53%), operational efficiencies (50%) and higher market share (42%). Overall, it is the ability to be more competitive, leverage new business models to improve operations and see your company grow.

Surprisingly, it’s internal challenges, rather than external market forces, that are holding back businesses in AU and NZ. Some of the main challenges being faced are:

  • Operating in organisational silos (38%)
  • Highly competitive environment to hire digital natives and ability to build digital skillsets (38%)
  • Transforming from a low risk organisation to an organisation that rewards experimentation (37%)

But with the right support, you can adopt digital at scale across your business. Here are our tips for how your business can get ahead: Read more

Ashok Mysore – Dynamic Business – 7 November 2018