Byron Bay agtech Munch Crunch Organics is building a sustainable model to meet demand for fresh produce

After years in the Sydney rat race, Heath and Melissa Donald decided in 2016 that, with a baby on the way, the time was right to make the move to the idyllic Byron Bay.

Though one could be forgiven for thinking a move with a baby on the way was already more than enough to handle, the pair didn’t stop there, buying food delivery business Munch Crunch Organics.

Founded by ‘Farmer Al’ in 2008, Heath said the business was “ahead of its time” in merging online and organic food sales.

“We saw an opportunity to grow this small delivery service into a subscription delivery service for an entire community. We knew we weren’t the only ones craving a more mindful lifestyle. Demand for local, organic produce is on the rise, and we want to completely change the way people perceive and receive Certified Organic fresh produce,” he explained.

The vision for the business, Heath said, isn’t to compete against the big retailers – which is probably for the best; Woolworths reported a half-year profit of almost $1 billion earlier this year – but rather to provide a sustainable and affordable model to meet demand for produce.

“People perceive Certified Organic produce as expensive, but an unnecessarily flawed system with food wastage, massive infrastructure costs, market manipulation, and a huge reliance on imports are driving up costs. This system affects everyone; the farmers, industries, communities, and customers,” Heath explained.

The Munch Crunch Organics answer is a model based on community supported agriculture (CSA), or the idea of subscribing to a particular farmer to get quality local produce. Read more

Gina Baldassare – Startup Daily – 118 June 2018