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The Federal Court has found that accommodation provider Meriton engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct by implementing a strategy to minimise the number of negative reviews its guests posted on the TripAdvisor website. In November 2016, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) instituted proceedings against Meriton in the Federal Court, alleging that between November … Read more

‘It was like an army coming at us’: kid’s clothing brand Oishi-m has built a cult-like following

Miyo Fallshaw doesn’t have plans to produce more runs of Oishi-m’s clothing. She’s not bothered that some lines and sizes of the cult childrenswear brand sell out within minutes of release. “Creating something magical and special, we thrive off that,” the owner of Oishi-m says. “When the supply is less than the demand, it also … Read more

What Appliances Online’s John Winning did when he realised a pricing error would cost him nearly $100,000 in sales

It took Appliances Online founder John Winning just five minutes to choose between disappointing nearly 200 customers, or losing nearly $100,000 in sales. Winning was faced with this conundrum earlier this month, when a glitch in his company’s online pricing system listed a blue KitchenAid Mixer and Spiralizer bundle for just $281, down from the actual price … Read more

Will AI make our lives better? Consumers still need to be convinced

Artificial intelligence use cases are rapidly evolving, however new research shows that consumer trust needs to be built. A Strategy Analytics study, canvassing consumer perceptions of AI in the US, Western Europe, China and India, shows concerns remain around privacy, security and a lack of control of the technology itself. According to the study, while approximately … Read more

The Art of Influencing and Selling (ebook)

Author: Ardi Kolah Whether you’re new to sales or have at least one year’s experience in selling, this book will leapfrog your selling skills and understanding of sales techniques to a more sophisticated, satisfying and more genuinely customer and client-oriented level. If you’re more experienced, then this book provides a comprehensive refresher which uses fresh … Read more

Meet the “Uber for funerals”: Sydney startup Picaluna is looking to disrupt an industry worth $1 billion

The funeral industry has long been dominated by traditional industry players, but Sydney-based startup Picaluna is looking to bring this $1 billion industry into the modern age with its two-sided funeral marketplace. The Picaluna concept was born when co-founder and managing director Greg Inglis grew frustrated with the overpriced, “cookie-cutter” nature of funerals, after his own mother … Read more


Sydney-based Parcel delivery startup Sendle has partnered with Ebay Australia to provide the ecommerce heavyweight’s 40,000 small to medium sellers with convenient, cost-effective logistics solutions.  According to James Chin Moody, co-founder and CEO of Sendle, sellers that integrate their eBay accounts directly with Sendle gain free access to Sendle Premium and are able to instantly create shipping … Read more

The Referral of a Lifetime : Never Make a Cold Call Again! (ebook)

Author: Tim Templeton Nobody likes cold calls. And nobody really needs to make them. The Referral of a Lifetime teaches a step-by-step system that will allow anyone to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent, qualified referrals while retaining and maximizing business with existing customers. Tim Templeton emphasizes the importance of applying the … Read more

Bunbury-based ecommerce platform Delpino’s helps consumers buy ‘ethical’ products based on their values

According to a report published by the ABC earlier this year, the retail sales value of Fairtrade products in Australia has increased by 70 percent over the last five years to reach more than $260 million, with consumers steadily becoming more aware of the impact their purchases can have. Of course, there is more to be done … Read more

Spotify may soon dominate music the way Google does search — this is why

While competition online starts the same way as that in offline markets, my research shows it often settles very differently online. Both have seen lots of competitors emerge in a new area underpinned by new technologies. But online, consolidation ends in a high-stakes winner-takes-most “title fight” between the two strongest players. In search this was AltaVista vs … Read more