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You are a badass at making money : master the mindset of wealth (book)

Author: Jen Sincero This book shares step-by-step guidelines for overcoming blocks, moving past fear, and making real-world money, revealing how personal perceptions and bank accounts reflect obstructive beliefs that can be rendered lucrative through strategic concept changes. This is the book you need if you’ve spent too much time watching money land in your bank … Read more

One of the world’s largest crypto-exchanges Huobi Global is coming to Australia

Huobi Global, one of the world’s biggest crypto-exchanges, is preparing to launch in Australia, and Adrian Harrison, chief of the local operation, says the forward-thinking regulatory landscape here puts the country at the forefront of the crypto-movement. Domiciled in Singapore, Huobi provides exchange trading for cryptocurrencies, with 150 coin pairings available. According to Harrison, the … Read more

The new Aussie bank that’s planning to give the big four a run for their money

Amidst the ongoing controversy arising from the Royal Commission into the financial services industry, and decreased public approval of Australia’s major banks, a new online-only bank has thrown its hat into the ring to provide something different. Called 86 400, named after the number of seconds in a day, the bank is looking to lure … Read more

Melbourne fintech Credit Clear raises $8.5 million to expand payment collection platform

Melbourne fintech company Credit Clear, which automates the process of requesting payments from customers, has raised $8.5 million in funding from investors including Regal Funds Management and Alex Waislitz of Thorney Technologies. Founded by Lewis Romano in 2016, the startup helps companies send messages requesting payments from customers through avenues such as email, SMS, and Facebook … Read more

A dozen lessons for entrepreneurs (book)

Author: Tren Griffin; foreword by Scott Belsky. From profiles and interviews with the world’s leading venture capitalists and high-profile coaches of business founders, A Dozen Lessons distills a set of bedrock methods for approaching business questions and creating value. The veteran business writer Tren Griffin takes the reader through the investment philosophies of VC luminaries … Read more

Entrepreneurial you : monetize your expertise create multiple income streams and thrive (book)

Author: Dorie Clark What does it take to create the career you want? It’s no secret that the world of work has changed, and we’re shifting toward an ever more entrepreneurial, self-reliant, work-from-wherever-you-are economy. That can be a liberating force, and many professionals dream of becoming independent, whether by starting their own businesses, becoming consultants … Read more

‘A hell of a lot of people have had their lives ruined’: small business deflated after royal commission

As the banking royal commission gears up for its fourth round of hearings starting on Monday, small business owners are voicing their disappointment at the brief two weeks allocated to the sector. Elizabeth Furneaux was one of 630 people who made submissions to the royal commission relating to small and medium businesses’ dealings with lenders. Mrs Furneaux and her … Read more

What Self-Made Millionaires Know That Most People Don’t : 52 Ways to Create Your Own Success (ebook)

Author: Ann Marie Sabath Confucius said that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. The same principle applies to becoming a self-made millionaire, except this journey is a little shorter, comprising just 52 common sense practices. Featuring interviews with a wide-ranging list of self-made millionaires, you will be astonished to see how anyone can … Read more

Need templated forms, business plan samples or industry reports? Check out ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database!

Members of the Business Studio now have access to the full version of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database! This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit … Read more

Top investors gambled $16 million on the blockchain equivalent of Beanie Babies. Now, sales are plummeting

In March, investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures gave a total of $US12 million ($AU16.12 million) to CryptoKitties, a blockchain game for digital collectibles. According to data from blockchain analytics sites, the number of CryptoKitties transactions are a fraction of what they were in December. CryptoKitties cofounder Bryce Bladon says the livelihood of … Read more