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Headwinds of opportunity : a compass for sustainable innovation (book)

Author: Tim Lindsey This book goes beyond philosophical and academic discussion of business sustainability to offer strategic guidance regarding how to make all types of organizations function more sustainably while simultaneously improving their competitiveness. It differs from other books in that it approaches sustainability as an innovation an innovative way of conducting business. The book … Read more

Unscaled : how AI and a new generation of upstarts are creating the economy of the future (book)

Author: Hemant Taneja with Kevin Maney An innovative trend combining technology with economics is unraveling behemoth industries–including corporations, banks, farms, media conglomerates, energy systems, governments, and schools-that have long dominated business and society. Size and scale have become a liability. A new generation of upstarts is using artificial intelligence to automate tasks that once required … Read more

Quirky : the remarkable story of the traits, foibles, and genius of breakthrough innovators who changed the world (book)

Author: Melissa A. Schilling What really distinguishes the people who literally change the world–those creative geniuses who give us one breakthrough after another? What differentiates Marie Curie or Elon Musk from the merely creative, the many one-hit wonders among us? Melissa Schilling, one of the world’s leading experts on innovation, invites us into the lives … Read more

MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Date:  February 2- 8, 2019 Where:  QUT Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane The prestigious MIT Bootcamps will return to QUT in 2019, from 2 – 8 February, to offer a week-long intensive program for budding innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers. Applications are currently open to both individuals and teams. The MIT Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is an accelerated-learning … Read more

The fuzzy and the techie : why the liberal arts will rule the digital world (book)

Author: Scott Hartley Scott Hartley first heard the terms fuzzy and techie while studying political science at Stanford University. If you majored in humanities or social sciences, you were a fuzzy. If you majored in computer or hard sciences, you were a techie. While Silicon Valley is generally considered a techie stronghold, the founders of … Read more

Farming software startup AgriWebb bags $14 million investment and an acquisition to boot

Sydney-based farm management software startup AgriWebb has secured a $14 million investment, with an acquisition on the side, for a minority stake in the business. As well as the funding from the UK-based agriculture investment company Wheatsheaf Group, AgriWebb will receive FarmWizard, a UK provider of livestock and dairy management software, which it has acquired … Read more

Serial entrepreneur aims to build one million square metres of tolerant reef

A telecommunications entrepreneur who has founded companies with enterprise values of more than $5 billion has his sights on an audacious and likely controversial project to build new reefs to combat the effects of coral bleaching. Bevan Slattery is no stranger to large-scale developments. He made a name for himself in 2009, along with Shark … Read more

Companies are buying these portable soundproof rooms like crazy to fix the worst thing about their open floor offices

Room is a new company that’s created private, semi-soundproof phone booths for noisy, crowded offices. Already, the company has snagged high profile clients like NASA, Salesforce, and Nike. Room says they’re on track to sell $US10 million worth of product in their first year of business. If you work in an open office, it’s likely … Read more