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Hatching dragons: Aussie game tops Apple’s augmented reality apps

“In the future, everyone will be walking around with virtual pets,” Gerry Sakkas says. Sakkas is the founder and chief executive of mobile gaming start-up PlaySide Studios and is already responsible for thousands of those pets through PlaySide Studio’s hit game AR Dragon. AR Dragon uses augmented reality, which overlays images, videos and games on … Read more

Aussie ‘pop-up’ solar could bring back power when global disasters hit

An Australian ‘pop-up solar’ generator that can be transported in a shipping container and is designed to provide instant power for defence forces in the field is being touted as a solution for disaster relief. Canberra-based ECLIPS Engineering has developed an Australian-made mobile solar energy system which can provide instant power from a shipping container, … Read more

What Sydney-born startup Homefarms learned taking its indoor farming solutions to Asia

As our populations grow, vertical farming and indoor farming are becoming more important as methods to grow food in the smallest amount of physical space. Homefarms is a startup that is building the technology to increase food production, finding that vertical farming increases total food output without increasing the resources needed to do so. From investment manager … Read more

A new Monsanto-backed company is on the verge of producing the first fruit made with a blockbuster gene-editing tool that could revolutionise agriculture

In a move aimed at securing its future, Monsanto has invested $US125 million in a gene-editing startup called Pairwise. The alliance could tee up Monsanto, long known for its controversial dealings with farmers and its role in popularising genetically modified organisms, to introduce some of the first produce made using the blockbuster gene-editing tool Crispr. … Read more