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Elon Musk on love, turtlenecks, and why he wishes Tesla had remained a private company

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Tesla and SpaceX founder and entrepreneurial firebrand Elon Musk has bared all regarding his personal and professional lifee. The revealing chat saw Musk reflect on his relationship with his parents, his disdain for turtlenecks and his love life woes. It’s been a big year for Musk, who has been focused on … Read more

This app judges if a person can legally work in Australia — by scanning their passport

A Melbourne startup has claimed to have built an app that can instantly determine the visa eligibility of a person wanting to work Australia, just by scanning their passport identification page. CheckWorkRights, which recently launched in the Apple App Store, can return a job candidate’s visa status in “just seconds”, including information on visa type, … Read more

Ros Harvey is an IT entrepreneur with an answer for future food crisis

“Agtech is a sexy sector. Who would have thought?” muses Ros Harvey, founder of The Yield. Her bemusement is understandable – farm technology isn’t much to get excited about. But the buzz around agtech is palpable and few people are leading the charge as fervently as Ms Harvey. Across the pastures and vineyards of Australia, farmers are … Read more

The “most important startup” to come to Melbourne: WeWork opens its doors

Global co-working giant WeWork officially opened the doors of its Melbourne offices this morning, as Victorian Minister for Innovation Phillip Dalidakis heralded it as “the most important startup” that has come to the city. WeWork’s Sydney offices opened in March earlier this year, with co-founder Miguel McKelvey telling StartupSmart at the time Sydney was always on the list for the … Read more


It was while strapped to a gigantic wind turbine that Phil Livingston, the serial entrepreneur behind Redback Technologies, realised his ambition in life – to bring renewable energy to the masses. Founded by Livingston in April 2015, Redback Technologies is in the business of developing intelligent, low cost solar energy solutions for residential and commercial users. After securing … Read more