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The Insightful Leader : Find Your Leadership Superpowers, Crush Limiting Beliefs, and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors (ebook)

Author: Carlann Fergusson Traditional leadership coaching asks leaders to substitute ineffective behaviors with alternatives, without addressing the underlying internal beliefs that reinforce the old behaviors. After months of successfully trying to change, a leader may suddenly face stressors at work–a looming deadline or a difficult negotiation–that trigger counterproductive behavior, resulting in guilt, shame, and frustration. … Read more

Funny business : management unmasked (book)

Authors: Rodney Marks, Benjamin Marks and Robert Spillane Funny Business: management unmasked is an expose of management as it is practiced in business, government and the non-profit sector. Keywords are explained through humour, making them better understood than a library of management textbooks. Management theories and applications are made memorable through savage wit and fearless … Read more

Lead with Heart : Transform Your Business Through Personal Connection (ebook)

Authors: Tom Gartland, Patrick Sweeney and Tim Finchem If you want your company to thrive, you need to break one of the oldest unwritten rules of leadership. Leaders in nearly every industry have learned to keep a professional “distance” between themselves and the people who report to them—to avoid getting too close or too personal. … Read more

Exceptional Leadership by Design : How Design in Great Organizations Produces Great Leadership (ebook)

Authors: Rob Elkington, Madeleine van der Steege, Judith Glick-Smith, and Jennifer Moss Breen Imagine a world with great leadership. What would that world be like? Would it be a better world or a worse one? Now ratchet great leadership up to exceptional leadership and suddenly we have cause for optimism. But how do we design … Read more

Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (ebook)

Author: Chris R. Groscurth The technological and economic forces of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) are shifting organizations in radical new directions. Automation is taking place not only in factories but in retail environments, and it is not just powerful or precise: it is intelligent, and it learns. Leaders must learn to rely on new … Read more

Grow wherever you work : straight talk to help with your toughest challenges (book)

Author: Joanna Barsh The business world is full of catchphrases: follow your passion; think positive; be authentic; suck it up; take risks; network. All well-intentioned, but let’s be honest. This inch-deep advice just isn’t very helpful. How do real people succeed in the real world of work? That’s the question bestselling author Joanna Barsh sets … Read more