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Girl Geek Academy to run SheHacks incubator to support hackathon graduates

Female entrepreneurs participating in SheHacks hackathons will now have the opportunity to continue working on their startup idea in an incubator post-event, thanks to a new program run by Girl Geek Academy. Girl Geek Academy is a Melbourne-based organisation founded in 2014 that runs female-focused hackathons, workshops and events in an effort to promote gender diversity in … Read more

Code Like a Girl partners with Envato to expand as Girl Geek Academy opens SheHacks to corporates

Envato has expanded upon its existing sponsorship of Melbourne-based social enterprise Code Like a Girl, becoming a national partner to help the organisation further build upon its aim to get more Australian girls and women into the tech sector. As a national partner Envato will run a quarterly women’s leadership and development workshop, a series … Read more

How Entrepreneurs Can Hone Their Management Skills to Fuel Production

Productivity has become a national obsession. Countless books, articles, podcasts and videos promise the secrets to wringing a few extra minutes out of the workday or boosting organizational output. But, for all that talk, the United States hasn’t exactly been setting any productivity records. After several years of meager growth, the U.S. Bureau of Labor … Read more