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Mentoring start-up raises $1 million and wins Olympic contract

Mentorloop finalised a $725,000 capital raise on Tuesday bringing the total funds raised for the mentoring software platform to $1 million. The seed round was raised from venture capital firms Blackbird Ventures, Rampersand and Tempus Partners and Mentorloop will use the funds to accelerate its growth including a partnership with the Australian Olympic Committee. Mentorloop … Read more

Why Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is sending messages of support to Sydney uni students

The first cohort of aspiring entrepreneurs graduating from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship’s (SSE) pilot unit are commencing their entrepreneurial journey with an unlikely source of inspiration: a personal message of support from Jeff Bezos. The Amazon founder has joined prominent local entrepreneurs, including Shark Tank judges Naomi Simson and Janine Allis, in sharing words of encouragement … Read more

How Steve Glaveski and Taj Pabari are equipping Australian students with entrepreneurial skills for the future

The rise of automation, developments in artificial intelligence, and entire industries being disrupted: the future of work may seem uncertain for some, but two members of the Australian startup community are developing new ways to equip the next generation with the entrepreneurial skills they need to create their own futures. Youth entrepreneurship program Lemonade Stand … Read more

Barayamal partners with CoderDojo to launch coding clubs focused on Indigenous Australians

Indigenous-focused accelerator program Barayamal has partnered with global kids coding initiative CoderDojo to launch CoderDojo First Nations, a network of coding clubs aimed at Indigenous Australians. First Nations will leverage CoderDojo’s resources of volunteer-led community programming clubs, which cater to young people from ages seven to seventeen, to provide educational sessions that teach participants how … Read more

Girl Geek Academy to run SheHacks incubator to support hackathon graduates

Female entrepreneurs participating in SheHacks hackathons will now have the opportunity to continue working on their startup idea in an incubator post-event, thanks to a new program run by Girl Geek Academy. Girl Geek Academy is a Melbourne-based organisation founded in 2014 that runs female-focused hackathons, workshops and events in an effort to promote gender diversity in … Read more