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CreditorWatch recorded a 42% increase in its customer base over two years on the way to reaching a major growth milestone, this month: 50,000 customers. Founder and managing director Colin Porter spoke to Dynamic Business about the genesis, success and future of the credit reporting bureau, which launched six years ago.  DB: What was your … Read more

After the ‘Facebook Files’, the social media giant must be more transparent

Most people on Facebook have probably seen something they wish they hadn’t, whether it be violent pictures or racist comments. How the social media giant decides what is and isn’t acceptable is often a mystery. Internal content guidelines, recently published in The Guardian, offer new insight into the mechanics of Facebook content moderation. The slides … Read more

The sales leader’s problem solver : practical solutions to conquer management mess-ups, handle difficult sales reps, and make the most of every opportunity (book)

Author: Suzanne Paling This is the book every sales manager wishes they had – before they accepted the job. The advice within acts as a 24/7 coach for beleaguered sales leaders dealing with perplexing dilemmas. Sales leaders (managers, directors, and vice presidents) advocate for and often succeed in getting sales training for their reps, but … Read more

Negotiated acquisitions and buyouts (book)

Author: Nick Humphrey Negotiated Acquisitions and Buyouts is a plain English reference guide for mergers and acquisitions and buyouts with step-by-step advice on the key legal, tax and structuring issues when implementing transactions. The book contains 22 chapters divided into three parts, and is a comprehensive reference for anyone involved in acquisitions, divestments and private … Read more