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Your company’s made a mistake or received a complaint: Now what?

You’ve made a mistake. Your systems are offline, or a promise you made to shoppers wasn’t delivered. Perhaps customers are complaining about an ad you had passed through countless focus groups, or your startup is facing backlash for something nobody could have seen coming. It feels bad, and academics and entrepreneurs both agree that it should. … Read more

The economics of the money-back guarantee

“Returning the product to Amazon ASAP!” complained one disgruntled Amazon customer as they gave a one-star review for a digital camera on the company’s site. This is despite the same product having an average rating of four-and-a-half stars out of five from 242 other customers. Companies like Amazon aren’t just ignoring these disgruntled customers and their product-returning … Read more

Permission to Speak Freely : How the Best Leaders Cultivate a Culture of Candor (ebook)

Author: Matt Kincaid and Doug Crandall Candid communication enhances innovation, ownership, engagement, and performance. The benefits of hearing questions and uncertainties, good and bad ideas, and honest feedback are game-changing. Yet research shows that most of the time, people never share their true thoughts with each other—and especially not with their leaders. But what if … Read more

Music streaming startup SoundCloud is cutting 40% of its staff and closing major offices

SoundCloud, the hugely popular music streaming service, announced on Thursday that it is cutting 173 staff members, which amounts to 40% of the company’s 420 person team, according to reports. The startup, which was speculated to be worth more than Spotify by TechCrunch just last year, is also closing its San Fransico hub and is in … Read more


Well known ride-sharing app, Uber, has been headlining publications globally as its company policies, CEO and business model are being called into question. Uber’s recent transgressions relating to sexual harassment, discrimination, unprofessionalism, bullying, employment structures and a toxic workplace culture in America challenge many Australian employment laws. The issues at hand allow Australian businesses, small … Read more