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Need templated forms, business plan samples or industry reports? Check out ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database!

Members of the Business Studio now have access to the full version of the ProQuest Entrepreneurship Database! This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly – including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings – to a full toolkit … Read more

From bleeding cash to ignoring customers: An employee shares four red flags he missed as a startup imploded

There are a range of telltale signs that a startup may not be heading in its intended direction, however when immersed in the day-to-day grind of building a business these red flags can be easily missed or even dismissed. At Noteworthy – The Journal Blog, software architect and UCLA technical collaboration leader Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton has shared his experience of … Read more

Biotech company Sirtex accepts $1.87b foreign takeover offer

Australian biotechnology and medical device group Sirtex Medical (ASX: SRX) has agreed to a $1.87 billion takeover offer from Chinese company CDH Genetech. The listed Australian company says it has entered into a binding agreement with CDH to sell all its shares at $33.60 per share. Varian Medical Systems was previously bidding for Sirtex’s shares, but … Read more

‘I felt numb’: How coffee capsule maker Podpac recovered after its biggest client collapsed and it was forced to let half its staff go

At the end of 2016, Toby Strong says his coffee capsule making business Podpac was in the “best place” it had ever been. Sales were strong, and just months earlier, the business had made it onto the Smart50 Awards for the first time, securing 18th position thanks to a three-year revenue growth rate of 186%. But in … Read more

“Managers are important, but aren’t the biggest reason why people leave”: Culture Amp’s Christian Miran weighs in on the mistakes that drive away star employees

Your business is only as successful as your people; it’s a sentiment we hear time and time again. Last year, SmartCompany research revealed that 67% of business owners admitted to making mistakes when hiring. Given the potentially devastating impact that hiring the wrong person can have on a small business’s bottom line — not to mention the immeasurable … Read more


Anneke van den Broek, founder and CEO of Australia’s most awarded pet care brand Rufus & Coco, started her entrepreneurial journey at just six years of age, breeding mice and selling them to the local pet shop for 40c each. This entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering belief that she could achieve anything she set her … Read more

Vicinity to sell $1bn of assets to enhance portfolio

Listed property developer Vicinity Centres (ASX: VCX) will sell off $1 billion of its assets to reinvest the money in more value-accretive opportunities. The group will sell off sub regional and neighbourhood centres to focus on new investments which it calls “destinations” and “entertainment experiences”. Grant Kelly, CEO and managing director of Vicinity, says the … Read more

What’s Your Digital Business Model? : Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise (ebook)

Authors: Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner Digital transformation is not about technology–it’s about change. In the rapidly changing digital economy, you can’t succeed by merely tweaking management practices that led to past success. And yet, while many leaders and managers recognize the threat from digital–and the potential opportunity–they lack a common language and compelling framework … Read more

Reimagining work : strategies to disrupt talent, lead change, and win with a flexible workforce (book)

Authors: Rob Biederman, Pat Petitti, Peter Maglathlin Reimagining Work is the business leader’s guide to surviving—and thriving—in the new on-demand economy. As the business and workplace environments evolve, traditional management strategies are becoming obsolete; the skilled workforce demands flexibility and more control over their work—things that the major corporations repeatedly fail to offer. Is it … Read more