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Building your early years business : planning and strategies for growth and success (book)

Author: Jacqui Burke For those starting a business in early years childcare, having a passion for the job is important. But sustaining a business successfully takes more than natural enthusiasm. Many childcare businesses struggle due to lack of formal training or confidence in the business world. This accessible and practical guide shows exactly how to … Read more


All businesses strive to a deliver great customer experience, and convenience and seamlessness are currently the winning factors for ensuring their engagement with your brand is at its best. In 2015, Forrester predicted that one-third of companies in the B2C space would compete on the basis of experiences, and change their business structure accordingly. This … Read more

The sales leader’s problem solver : practical solutions to conquer management mess-ups, handle difficult sales reps, and make the most of every opportunity (book)

Author: Suzanne Paling This is the book every sales manager wishes they had – before they accepted the job. The advice within acts as a 24/7 coach for beleaguered sales leaders dealing with perplexing dilemmas. Sales leaders (managers, directors, and vice presidents) advocate for and often succeed in getting sales training for their reps, but … Read more

The Zombie Business Cure : How to Refocus Your Company’s Identity for More Authentic Communication (ebook)

Authors: Julie C. Lellis and Melissa Eggleston Does your business feel lifeless in today’s fast-paced marketplace? Tired of struggling to stand out? Can’t seem to clarify your message? You may be a zombie and not even know it. Zombies are confused, haphazard, and indistinguishable. Businesses act like zombies when empty communications alienate customers, supporters, and … Read more