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Wearable tech: Shipments of smart shirts, socks and shoes set to climb

Global shipments of smart clothing items, including shirts, socks and shoes decked out with an embedded computing device, are set to rise steeply in the next five years, according to a forecast from technology research firm ABI Research. ABI has found that smart clothing items will be the second fastest growing area in wearable devices, behind … Read more


China’s booming economy and rapidly growing middle-class present a wealth of opportunities for Australian businesses, particularly those companies able to tap into the rising demand for high quality goods and services. But many local SMEs with international expansion goals have discovered it’s not as simple as heading overseas and establishing operations. In a culture such … Read more

Chinese personal shoppers have created a new type of retail store in Australia

It might seem unlikely that there’s stores in Australia, selling only a small range of products, at prices significantly higher than supermarkets, yet turning over millions of dollars each year. But an increase in stores catering to personal shoppers, called daigou, are growing in the Australian retail scene. As demand for Australian products increases, daigou stores allow … Read more

‘It was like an army coming at us’: kid’s clothing brand Oishi-m has built a cult-like following

Miyo Fallshaw doesn’t have plans to produce more runs of Oishi-m’s clothing. She’s not bothered that some lines and sizes of the cult childrenswear brand sell out within minutes of release. “Creating something magical and special, we thrive off that,” the owner of Oishi-m says. “When the supply is less than the demand, it also … Read more

Gandel-backed MyDeal launches online fashion marketplace MyWardrobe

Gandel family-backed online marketplace MyDeal launched a curated online fashion marketplace on Tuesday. Founded by Sean Senvirtne in 2012 MyDeal is diversifying from its origins as a daily deals platform into fashion with the launch of MyWardrobe. The fashion marketplace is launching with 60 boutique brands including Ete Swimwear, Mossman and Twenty3 with a particular focus … Read more

A former Australian plumber’s 9-language translation earpiece has started shipping

Australian startup Lingmo International has started delivering its earpiece that can translate nine languages in real-time. In June, a prototype of the TranslateOne2One device was unveiled at a United Nations event in Switzerland, with the capability to translate — or more accurately, interpret — English (US and UK), Japanese, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese. The … Read more