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Singapore startup Carousell has raised $112 million in Series C funding to invest in AI

Singaporean e-commerce startup Carousell has raised $US85 million ($112.4 million) in its series C funding round, and will use the cash to bring artificial intelligence into the world of classified ads. Founded in 2012, Carousell is a community marketplace app intended to make buying and selling items as easy as possible. It launched in Australia in … Read more

Overcrowded : designing meaningful products in a world awash with ideas (book)

Author: Roberto Verganti The standard text on innovation advises would-be innovators to conduct creative brainstorming sessions and seek input from outsiders — users or communities. This kind of innovating can be effective at improving products but not at capturing bigger opportunities in the marketplace. In this book Roberto Verganti offers a new approach — one … Read more

Alibaba’s future of retail involves QR codes, smart mirrors, and gamified discounts

According to Chinese online retail giant Alibaba, the future of retail technology is rooted in object and facial recognition, QR codes, and gamifying shopper discounts. These are the technologies the $32 billion retailer is pioneering back home in China, and is currently showcasing in pop-up shops around Australia, hoping to entice local merchants to implement the … Read more

A new Monsanto-backed company is on the verge of producing the first fruit made with a blockbuster gene-editing tool that could revolutionise agriculture

In a move aimed at securing its future, Monsanto has invested $US125 million in a gene-editing startup called Pairwise. The alliance could tee up Monsanto, long known for its controversial dealings with farmers and its role in popularising genetically modified organisms, to introduce some of the first produce made using the blockbuster gene-editing tool Crispr. … Read more