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‘Virtual Co-Working Spaces’ Are Going to Be Part of the Near-Future’s Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Danny Forrest – Entrepreneur – 20 July 2018 It’s no secret that the entrepreneurship landscape is changing: In the United States alone, 24 percent of workers work from home, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015 report. And the trend is increasing exponentially. Following — potentially leading — that trend are entrepreneurs, who, more than ever, either work from home … Read more

Report finds regional businesses focused on growth and innovation

Cec Busby – Startup Daily – 19 July 2018 Commonwealth Bank’s latest Regional Business Insights report has revealed almost half of Australia’s regional businesses (49 per cent) see the potential for growth. The report canvassed 470 regional businesses about the opportunities and challenges they face and discovered strong markets, growing populations and improved infrastructure is … Read more

Use a project mindset to create a bridge between your business and its people

Jeff Schwisow – SmartCompany – 17 July 2018 In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, the thriving organisations will be those that are nimble enough to adapt at the pace of change. To create this fast-paced adaptability, business leaders need to establish and maintain a meaningful connection with their people. The most powerful way to create that … Read more