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Anna Wright’s BindiMaps mobile app has unlocked a whole new world for people with vision impairment by removing the barriers to mobility. BindiMaps transforms the way people with vision impairment navigate complex indoor spaces.  The mobile app employs Bluetooth technology to locate a network of Bluetooth beacons combined with mapping and a route-guidance system to … Read more

The Disruptors 2 : How Social Entrepreneurs Lead and Manage Disruption (ebook)

Authors: Kerrin Myres and Gus Silber Interest in the social enterprise movement by the formal business sector is growing, as social entrepreneurs often operate in highly complex and constrained environments and offer corporates and other businesses the opportunity to learn new ways of managing and leading.Meet the next crop of Disruptors: social entrepreneurs navigating the … Read more

Melbourne genetics startup raises $525,000 from big-name backers including Culture Amp co-founder

Genetics and health startup Eugene has secured $525,000 in funding to roll out its home genetic-testing and remote-consulting tech. Speaking to StartupSmart, Eugene co-founder and chief Kunal Kalro explained the startup’s first testing kits are designed to help prospective parents understand how likely they may be to pass genetic disorders to their children. Eugene’s testing kits … Read more

‘Tipping point’: Disability support start-ups are coming of age

Australia’s carer and disability start-up space is enjoying unprecedented momentum, and AbleFinder co-founder Summer Elizabeth is ready for action. “We‘re quite confident about having 100,000 families globally using our platform, and we are the first platform like this for children with disabilities,” she says. Along with co-founder Andrius Petrosius, she has spent the past year … Read more

Get social : social media strategy and tactics for leaders (book)

Author: Michelle Carvill Business leaders’ audiences – their customers, competitors and employees alike – live and breathe social media. In our hyperconnected culture, social media is the glue that allows us to stay connected to communities, products and brands. If your customers are on social media, along with your competition, then shouldn’t you be there … Read more

Brand the change : the branding guide for social entrepreneurs, disruptors, not-for-profits and corporate troublemakers (book)

Author: Anne Miltenburg In a perfect world, great changemaking ventures would grow purely based on their own merit. In the real world, we have to be creative and strategic about how we brand our initiatives and get the support we need to help them grow into effective, sustainable organisations. Creating a strong brand is crucial … Read more