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One Million Followers : How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days (ebook)

Author: Brendan Kane Over 60 billion online messages are sent on digital platforms every day, and only a select few succeed in the mad scramble for customer attention. This means that the question for anyone who wants to gain mass exposure for their transformative content, business, or brand or connect with audiences around the globe … Read more

Video marketing strategy : harness the power of online video to drive brand growth (book)

Author: Jon Mowat Video is the single most effective tool that marketers have to raise brand awareness, increase sales, drive website traffic and deliver ROI on marketing budgets. Driven by consumer demand and with the backing of the largest social media platforms, our world is becoming ‘video first’. Video Marketing Strategy allows marketers to harness … Read more

Unconscious bias: Amazon forced to scrap machine learning recruitment tool because it didn’t like women

E-commerce giant Amazon reportedly had to scrap a machine-learning recruitment tool because it was biased against female candidates. According to a report from Reuters, Amazon started building the platform in 2014, to help speed up the recruitment process by making it automated and more efficient. It rated resumes out of five, automatically ranking candidates in terms … Read more

Smartphone addiction: Why it’s worrying the typical user touches their phone 2,617 times a day

By 2030, the World Health Organisation has forecast depression and anxiety will be the number one healthcare burden, costing upwards of US$1 trillion a year in many countries. Already, studies are revealing a correlation between anxiety, depression and smartphone use — not to mention what smartphones could be doing to our neurochemical balance. The urge to seek distraction People call it ‘smartphone … Read more

Pinterest battles its ‘woman problem’ as social network prepares to list

Social networking platform Pinterest has an issue with how its perceived. At a press conference in San Francisco as part of Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference this month, Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharpe told journalists Pinterest was working to combat the impression the social network only catered for women. “How many of you have heard that Pinterest is just for … Read more

Becoming Facebook : the 10 challenges that defined the company disrupting the world (book)

Author: Mike Hoefflinger Facebook’s founding is legend: In a Harvard dorm, wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg invented a new way to connect with friends…and the rest is history. But for the people who actually molded this great idea into a game-changing $300 billion company, the experience was far more tumultuous and uncertain than we might expect. Mike … Read more