Cool runnings: Aussie inventor who took his heat buster to the world

Professor James Trevelyan’s cooling invention has sold like hot cakes overseas.

His Close Comfort portable airconditioner needs “no pipes, no water, no ice, no installation, practically no maintenance”, he says.

Trevelyan’s product is small in size, (“similar to an airline carry-on case”); can be moved easily (“17 kilograms, on wheels”); and helps 75 per cent energy saving. “It avoids the need to cool walls, floor and furniture as cooling is directed at one or more users sitting (or sleeping) together. Our aircons provide cool air just where it is needed.”

The turnover of his Perth-based company Close Comfort Pty Ltd in the 2017-18 financial year was around $1 million. “We’re looking to raise US$2 million in capital to position the company for a major expansion of sales.”

Since 2016, Close Comfort has been selling the machines in Pakistan, but has now expanded to Australia, India, Singapore and Indonesia.

When Trevelyan was living in Pakistan in 2004, he says the indoor temperatures “would exceed 40 degrees at night and our airconditioner constantly struggled and would cease to work two to three times at night. I saw a way to transform life for billions of people, if I could develop an affordable, low-power (300 watt) AC running on a rechargeable battery.” Read more

Christine D’Mello – Brisbane Times – 2 July 2018