Faster Together : Accelerating Your Team’s Productivity (ebook)

Author: Laura Stack
There are more roadblocks to productivity today than ever before. Everyone who works must deal with countless emails, constant communication, cascading deadlines, and seemingly endless meetings. These can be managed efficiently, or they can be a huge time suck. When you’re surrounded by slow-moving coworkers, you’re stuck in a traffic jam of sorts. What makes the difference isn’t individuals working harder or faster or smarter but “teaming well.” You have at your disposal what Stack calls “the most powerful productivity machine in existence”: your team. Individual productivity is just the beginning of business profitability; the real winner is team productivity. A good team can accomplish more, and more quickly, than any one Lone Ranger. Yes, there are always stars–in sports, Peyton Manning, Mia Hamm, and Stephen Curry come to mind–but they couldn’t do their jobs without the rest of the team doing theirs. Bestselling author Laura Stack’s FAST model mobilizes teams to be the most effective they can be, while keeping each other’s best interests at heart.
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