Finance Your Business : Secure Funding to Start, Run, and Grow Your Business (ebook)

Author: Staff of Entrepreneur Media
Every business needs money. Whether you’re just starting out or are ready to expand, hunting for cash isn’t easy and you’ll need a game plan to be successful. The experts of Entrepreneur can help improve your odds of success by exploring the available options to guiding you from small business loans and angel investors to crowdfunding and venture capital. Along the way you’ll learn how to: Determine the amount of cash you need to start, operate, and expand your business; Apply bootstrapping tips to turn your idea into reality Borrow from friends and family the right way; Turn your customers into investors; Jump-start your business with an accelerator program; Launch a successful crowdfunding campaign Scout the alternative lending landscape of online lending; Consider venture capital alternatives (and when to say no them); Ensure your business continues to thrive without you Plus, learn from practicing business owners and thriving entrepreneurs who have gone before you in the search for business funding and financing, leveraged their life savings, and made investors of family members. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find great advice, tips, and support to help your business stay profitable.
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