GameTester launches $30 million initial coin offering to attract more users to the gaming platform

Australian video game testing startup GameTester has launched a $US30 million ($39 million) initial coin offering (ICO) on the Ethereum blockchain, kicking off the alternate fundraising method as the platform seeks more users.

GameTester was founded two years ago by brothers David and Paul Dobson, with David having previously run video game company Planet Arkadia. Struggling with the high price of cost per acquisition when it came to new players, he developed a platform that allowed users to test video games and provide feedback for developers and, hopefully, purchase the game as well through currency earned by testing.

The pair launched GameTester one year ago and saw a quick uptake, landing 15,000 users in just six days. But as the company approached game development businesses, the founders realised they’d need to vastly increase their number of testers.

“It gives gamers the chance to test games before they buy and get paid to give one-on-one feedback to developers, which is a rare thing,” Paul Dobson told StartupSmart. Read more

Dominic Powell – Smart Company – 18 Dec 2017