Sydney based startup, Seaquatix, proves that entrepreneurial inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime – even while snorkeling off the coast of Asia.

Seaquatix is the brainchild of founders Aprille Lim and Max Mabeka who have developed waterproof cases for phones and valuables using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) technology and a patented lock system.

“Max and I were holidaying in Asia for about a month. We did a lot of watersports and on one particular occasion, a random tour guide asked if we wanted to go snorkeling. He said the snorkeling spot had crystal clear water and an amazing variety of fish and coral,” Ms Lim said.

“Curious, we decided to go but felt a little uneasy being on a small wooden boat in the middle of the ocean with complete strangers, and even more unsettling was the idea of leaving our valuables in the boat while we were snorkeling.”

“We couldn’t fully enjoy the underwater experience because we were worried about the safety of our things, or worse, the possibility they would leave us stranded in the middle of the ocean with no way to call for help. So, we took turns snorkeling” Read more

Rebecca Thacker – Dynamci Business – 25 May 2018