IT’S no secret that apps like Uber Eats and Deliveroo are changing the way we eat.

At the press of a button your favourite meals from basically any restaurant nearby can be delivered straight to your door for just a $5 delivery fee and it’s what dreams are made of for foodies.

On-demand food delivery apps are disrupting the way restaurants operate. Consumers have a choice now to dine in or to have virtually any meal delivered to their doorstep.

With more and more traditional restaurants, and fast food outlets, responding to the digital demand, it’s becoming a necessity for many restaurateurs to be available on the app as well as physically at their own business.

Ben Cleary-Corradini, one half of Brisbane’s Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers with his business partner Theodor Roduner, says to ensure your business survives you need to accept and embrace change.

“There’s no doubt that UberEats has changed the landscape of both fast food and restaurant food, and I think to be a thriving business you have to embrace the change,” says Cleary-Corradini.

“People by nature are getting lazier and lazier and they want things brought to them, so we’re all about embracing the new technologies. I’m all for Uber and technology that makes it easier to get food to customers at their convenience.” Read more

David Simmons – Business News Australia – 25 Sep 2017