How driverless cars could create new jobs in Australia’s motor industry

The race to market for widespread driverless cars may be on, but that doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near a deployable reality. Much of the initial hype has settled down, and the claims made by manufacturers and startups with regards to timelines have moderated.

As the key stakeholders — the automotive industry, government and the public — consider the impacts of a possible driverless car future, their implications in the Australian landscape are starting to become clearer.

Given the recent decline in Australia’s car manufacturing industry there is also some hope driverless cars could see the creation of new skilled jobs in Australia.

I spoke with Dr Brett Dale, chief executive officer at the Motor Trades Association of Queensland, and asked how he thinks the Australian public and motoring industry’s expectations of autonomous vehicles have evolved over the past five years. Read more

Michael Milford – Smart Company – 7 Feb 2018