How Esha Oberoi overcame depression to build a $10 million business

When Esha Oberoi’s marriage was cancelled 12 years ago, she found herself sinking into depression.

“After my wedding was called off, I sunk into feelings of depression and isolation, and was finding employment a challenge,” says Oberoi.

Today, the 34-year-old runs Afea Care Services, which provides care for others and has an annual revenue of $10 million.

“I had struggled with depression in my early 20s and was in a cycle of destructive relationships. In those unhealthy relationships, I struggled to make decisions, I didn’t feel I had a voice and I felt isolated, lacking self-confidence,” says Oberoi.

Finding a sense of purpose

“It wasn’t until I began working as a carer that I found a sense of purpose through helping others. The residents in the nursing homes had similar struggles – isolation and in many cases due to their conditions, not having a voice. I healed myself over time through my work.

“Having gone through mental health challenges myself, I can empathise with our clients and their health needs.”

Oberoi founded Afea Care Services in 2008. She says her company “empowers people to live their best life and continue living in the comfort of their own homes. We serve as an alternative form of care from a nursing home or hospital. Read more

Christine D’Mello – Brisbane Times – 26 Jan 2018