How Steve Glaveski and Taj Pabari are equipping Australian students with entrepreneurial skills for the future

The rise of automation, developments in artificial intelligence, and entire industries being disrupted: the future of work may seem uncertain for some, but two members of the Australian startup community are developing new ways to equip the next generation with the entrepreneurial skills they need to create their own futures.

Youth entrepreneurship program Lemonade Stand is this month launching its education program online in a bid to help 100,000 school-age kids develop business skills.

Billed as a “business school for kids”, Lemonade Stand teaches children between the ages of nine and 12 entrepreneurial skills — skills that co-founder Steve Glaveski says children are currently not being taught in schools.

“The world is moving faster than ever but kids aren’t really prepared for those changes by traditional education channels,” Glaveski tells StartupSmart.

“Depending on which report you read, 40-60% of jobs will be automated in the future, including a lot of white collar jobs. Legal jobs, accounting jobs are being automated, yet kids are still being prepped for these roles in school.”

Launched in Australia in early 2016, the educational programs have already reached 1000 students across the country and in Singapore, where Lemonade Stand opened an office earlier this year to begin building a presence in the South East Asian region.

“Entrepreneurship at a child level can be a great equaliser,” Glaveski says. Read more

Angela Castles – Smart Company – 7 Sep 2017