How these founders made kids coding a $6 million business in four years

After being named the third-fastest-growing SME in Australia, the founding trio of Code Camp didn’t get together and throw a party or take a day off. In fact, all that was involved was a few celebratory emojis in their group chat (and maybe a wine or two).
This is because each founder is currently scattered across the globe — located in the UK, the US and Australia — putting in the hard yards to take their kids coding education business global.
Like many businesses, Code Camp comes from humble beginnings, brewed up at co-founder Hayley Markham’s kitchen table back in 2013 after her two co-founders, Ben Levi and Pete Neill, devised the idea after meeting at a coworking space.
“One of them had kids who had learnt to code, and the other had just taught himself to code. They invited me on to help organise everything because they weren’t at all ops based,” Markham tells SmartCompany.
“We got eight kids together, and over a holiday we taught them how to code. Eight weeks later in the next set of school holidays, we had double that amount.”
“And it’s been growing and growing every holiday since.” Read more

Dominic Powell – SmartCompany – 6 December 2018