How to organise & operate a small business in Australia (book)

Author: John English
How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia is the bestselling, hands-on guide to running your own business. This edition contains information, skills and approaches that are up to date, easy to understand and simple to use. The large range of opportunities offered to business by the internet, the growth of franchising and the increased scope for exports are just some of the new developments covered. It also describes a system you can use to identify business opportunities with genuine commercial potential. If you are tempted to strike out on your own, this book will help you to decide if you’ve got the right stuff. If you want to go into business now, this book is your guide to getting started. If you are already in business, this book explains a number of strategies for refining your operations and maximising your profits. The simplicity and clarity of the information in this book is a reflection of the author’s ability to blend his professional training and practical first-hand experience. John English has successfully created and managed a number of his own businesses, and he has used this knowledge to introduce small business and entrepreneurship programs in several Australian universities. His unique blend of training and experience makes the eleventh edition of How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia essential reading for anyone who wants to run a business of their own.
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