How to take risks and be a brilliant CEO

Daniel Abrahams – Business News Australia – 29 June 2018

In August 1987, my father, a small business entrepreneur, arrived home after work, and announced that we were moving to Australia.

This announcement served as my first exposure to risk management from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

My father was regarded as crazy for uprooting the family and leaving apartheid South Africa Why put your family at risk?’

He replied with equal conviction, ‘I see opportunity for a better life, a better future and equal opportunity’.

Entrepreneurs focus on opportunity and then consider risk.

This mantra has formed my values in risk management, and one that I have tried to instil in all those with whom I come into contact.

I have moved my career from federal government to large corporate, across financial services, energy and transport, to telecommunications in a start-up.

This article outlines my observations as a risk management practitioner, and shares insights from a career transition from chief risk officer to chief executive officer. Read more