How to use your time effectively, according to science

If there’s one thing startup founders are short of, it’s hours in the day, and according to Amantha Imber, innovation psychologist and founder of Inventium, time is effectively the biggest barrier to innovation.

Speaking at the Disruptive Innovation Summit in Sydney today, Imber said innovation is important for all businesses, but people often feel they don’t have the time to explore all the options they would like to.

“I would argue that we do have enough time, but we’re not actually using our time in a really good way. We’re not actually structuring our work days in a way that makes us most efficient,” Imber said.

So, what can startup founders and business owners do to make more time for themselves? Imber has some science-based tricks up her sleeve.

Become a single tasker

In modern business, there’s plenty of focus on multitasking, but it “actually doesn’t exist, if you look at what’s going on in the brain”, Imber said. Read more

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien – Business News Australia – 9 August 2018