Influential CEO breaks down the big issues facing businesses worldwide

Kay Koplovitz, one of America’s most successful business people, is in the country to help grow the innovative ideas of Australia’s entrepreneurs.

It’s little wonder bright minds flock to Koplovitz for advice, as her CV boasts a string of the highest profile roles. In 1997, she founded the USA Network as an all sports service which eventually became the number one ranking cable network in America for 13 years.

Under her leadership, the SyFy Channel was launched in 1992 and she helped the company spread internationally in 1994. She is famous for creating the concept for two revenue streams of licensing and advertising.

Koplovitz served as chairman and chief executive of USA Network until 1998 when she sold the company for $4.5 billion.

Currently, Koplovitz serves as the co-founder and chairman of Springboard Enterprises, chairman and CEO of Koplovitz & Company LLC and chairman of the board at Fifth & Pacific. Read more

David Simmons – Business News Australia – 13 Apr 2018