Inside a venture capital fund’s dealflow: The thousands of startups seen by type, trend and more

Australian venture capital funds get pitched to by hundreds and hundreds of businesses on a regular basis, but despite the numerous active funds in Australia, the inner machinations of the types and size of those businesses are often left to guesswork.

However, continuing their line of posts aimed to increase the transparency of the VC space, local fund Rampersand has shone a light on the inner workings of the fund’s dealflow — data from nearly 5000 startups.

Several thousand new startups are launched every year. Many will die, some will mature into decent sized sustainable software businesses, and a small but growing cohort go on to achieve the rate of growth and size many startups dream of such as Expert360, Safety Culture, Spaceship, Assembly Payments, Vinomofo and Airtasker to name just a few.

Alongside founders and teams thriving, the venture capital industry has burgeoned as well. Many more funds have launched, and the fund size has grown significantly. We now have around 10 Australian funds building promising portfolios. Read more

Rose Powell – StartupSmart – 27 Mar 2018