Is it time to kill the office Christmas party?

A friend is refusing to attend his firm’s Christmas party. After funding it for years, his penny-pinching employer is asking staff to pay for their meal and drinks.

The firm is not content with turning its Christmas party into a dull, overtly politically correct affair. Now staff must pay to be tortured at the firm’s boring mid-week Christmas luncheon, before heading back to work. Who can blame them for ditching the festivities?

The fun police at some firms have put the office Christmas party on life support. So is it time to kill the party once and for all and put staff (and managers) out of their misery?

Lots of firms, of course, still throw fun Christmas parties and staff look forward to them. These firms mostly seem to be small or medium size. Friends and colleagues in corporates say their Christmas party has become so sanitised it is almost pointless attending.

Sadly, the Thursday office Christmas party that started at 4pm and stretched to the next morning, involved some good-natured office scandal, gossip, embarrassment and hangovers the next day, and not much work, is a workplace relic. Read more

Tony Featherstone – Brisbane Times – 7 November 2018