When startup founders first get up and running, they must, of out necessity, be lean and nimble – and that keeps them sharp. As resources become less scarce, it will become more and more challenging for founders and their teams to embody these qualities. In turn, this may lead them to lose sight of what made their startup great to begin with and focus on the ‘wrong kind’ of growth.

For this week’s “Let’s Talk…” feature, we asked nearly twenty entrepreneurs to discuss how startup founders can keep their early edge as their business scales. Some of their tips included… Squeezing every last drop of value from dollars spent. Experimenting quickly. Maintaining teams that pass the pizza test’. Taking investment wisely (“not all money is smart money”). Doubling down on what the customer needs. Maintaining a work environment where employees are empowered to do their best work.  Resisting the urge to double or triple headcount overnight. Establishing clear and safe channels for communication throughout the organisation. Read more

James Harkness – Dynamic Business – 28 Mar 2018