Making a list and checking it twice: What’s on the VC wishlist for 2019?

The New Year is nearly upon us, promising millions of dollars — perhaps even billions —invested into technologies untold.

This year has been one of fintech, drones and Software-as-a-Service, as well as one that saw a brief but powerful blockchain movement and a swathe of substantial ICOs, before Bitcoin took a tumble, dragging the cryptocurrency markets down with it.

But 2019 brings with it a new dawn, with new startups ready to pique the interest of Australia’s venture capital investors.

Mike Wilson, founder of TinyMe, says there’s no easy way to predict where VC cash will be headed next year.

“The good VCs seem to be the ones making bets in areas where there isn’t consensus on getting it right. I expect the good ones won’t be doling out cash based on shorter-term trend-spotting,” Wilson says.

“A lot of the opportunity is in combining and appropriating the advances in some of the broader macro trends in creative new ways. I’ve got a bunch of ideas myself and maybe we’ll get to them in 2020,” he adds. Read more

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien – Startup Smart – 17 Dec 2018