Making money out of the business of throwing shade

The battle for beach shade is hotting up with the dominant igloo facing competition from a clutch of smaller competitors targetting growing demand for umbrellas and shades.

“Beach igloos were the only option available on the market,” says Rowan Clark, owner of Beachkit, explaining the thinking behind his products.

“People were just over trying to fold them up and they were too hot and sweaty. Now it’s all umbrellas and shades have taken over.”

Clark started Beachkit in 2011 and says the market for sun protection on the beach has changed significantly in that time.

“Nobody was doing anything¬†innovative, they were stuck in the 70s and 80s, but now there are bigger beach umbrellas and beach shades,” he says.

Clark started the business with an initial order of a container of 6000 beach umbrellas.

“I was confident and I showed [the umbrella] to a few people in the industry who liked it,” he says. “The first year is always pretty scary, you don’t know which way it is going to turn but it has been growing unbelievably since.” Read more

Cara Waters –¬†Brisbane Times – 6 Jan 2019