‘Maybe that’s not the way to run a business’: how Shuey deals with sick leave

Sick leave is a problem for small businesses but isn’t an issue for employees at digital agency Whitehat Agency in Sydney.

Owner Shuey Shujab allows his staff to take as much time off as they need, on full pay,  if an unexpected issue arises without having to eat into their sick leave.

“Maybe it’s not the way to run a business, but for me they are like my family,” Shujab says.

Whitehat Agency turns over more than $5 million a year and two members of Shujab’s staff of 16 are currently away from work due to illness, which hasn’t been taken out of their sick leave.

One suffers from Crohn’s disease and some days she can’t get out of bed and so can’t come to work.

“That’s fine by me because when she is at work she is phenomenal,” says Shujab.

Another employee broke his knee in a motorbike accident and has taken two weeks off.

“If you show that loyalty and empathy towards your staff you get that back in loyalty and high performance and a collaborative approach,” says Shujab. Read more

Cara Waters –Brisbane Times – 25 April 2018