Melbourne healthtech TALI Health is taking a gamified approach to treating child inattention

It is estimated that 136 million children globally experience clinical attention difficulties. In some cases, this is diagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with an estimated one in 20 Australian children having ADHD.

According to the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCHM), the condition has the potential to affect a child’s learning and social skills, and even how their family functions. As the RCHM puts it, “the most effective treatment for the symptoms of ADHD is stimulant medication, and it has been the standard treatment for children with ADHD since the 1980s”.

Taking an alternative approach to the treatment of attention difficulties is ASX-listed healthtech Novita Healthcare with its TALI Health business.

As Glenn Smith, CEO of Novita Healthcare, explained it, TALI Health provides engaging software platforms and game-based apps to assess and treat core childhood difficulties, such as inattention, and improve cognitive and academic performance.

Among its solutions is TALI Train, a game designed by a team of neuroscientists at Monash University based on a 20 year research program, that aims to improve attention and numeracy by “strengthening underlying attentional processes”. Read more

Gina Baldassare – Startup Daily – 1 June 2018