My Proposal Co. is an online service helping clients organise bespoke romantic proposals

As we continue to endure the onslaught of ‘new and innovative’ dating app experiences thrown our way, one’s left to think how many technologies are serving users after that initial connection, whether it’s to help conjure up exciting date ideas or, at the far end of the relationship spectrum, plan an ideal proposal.

Enter my proposal co, a platform which helps love-struck men and women set up a proposal specially tailored for their significant other.

Based in Sydney, the startup will help plan proposals in locations both locally and across the globe, an idea which emerged “by accident” when Gloria Gammo became wrapped up in her cofounder, Tania Alaee’s, proposal.

“Tania’s boyfriend, in classic boy style, left his proposal planning to the very last minute but he knew he wanted to create something really special for Tania. He thought of the most organised person he knew – me – and asked me to help him make it all happen,” recounted Gammo.

Whipping up a comprehensive “secret garden” proposal in under two weeks, Gammo said her future cofounder was left both surprised and elated, leading the pair to decide that together they could turn their planning skills into a business.

With backgrounds in luxury travel and event management, the pair work behind the scenes to develop a creative proposal idea once a client comes forward. Some clients, Gammo explained, approach the business with an exact idea of what they want for their proposal, while others come with absolutely no idea of what to do. Read more

James ward – Startup Daily – 22 Aug 2017