Our lifestyle, not our innovation, attracts US investment to Australia

One of the biggest turnoffs for US investment and workers is also the biggest pet peeve for locals – housing affordability. Our research finds lifestyle factors are what makes Australia stand out from other international destinations.

We combined 13 in-depth case studies of firms with strong ties between the United States and Australia, a survey of business attitudes on foreign investment, and rigorous economic analysis in our research into the A$1.47 trillion two-way US-Australia investment relationship (A$860 billion of which is US investments in Australia).

Australia undoubtedly benefits from its world-class universities, low sovereign risk and good governance. It also benefits from its strategic position as a gateway to important Asian markets with an internationally mobile workforce.

Yet as innovative and business-friendly as Australia has become in its short history, what makes Australia stand out to international workers is its quality of life.

We found this not only attracts highly skilled and internationally mobile individuals, but it also makes Australia a compelling place for them to settle. Families are drawn to Australia’s good health system, strong schools, low crime rates and unblemished physical environment. These “lifestyle dividends” have been enormous for Australia. Read more

Jared Mondschein – The Conversation – 14 Aug 2017