Oxford-backed Australian startup Zegami raises almost $4 million

A data and image search analysis software startup founded by two Adelaide entrepreneurs called Zegami has closed a $3.9 million funding round from backers including Oxford University, with which it plans to take its product into the cloud.

The company, which was started by the Aussie expats in the UK Samuel Conway and Roger Noble, lets people search through tens of thousands of documents or images to find what they’re looking for.

Based on intellectual property developed in conjunction with Oxford University to improve the university’s own search functions, it can be used in a variety of ways, from a collection management search tool in museums to an analytics tool for HR or a database for doctors to bring up images of similar skin lesions or similar conditions.

Mr Conway told The Australian Financial Review the software had started out as an on-premise solution because that was the way it had been developed in partnership with Oxford’s head of computational biology, Steve Taylor. Read more

Yolanda Redrup – Australian Financial Review – 26 June 2017