Queensland startup Tyrestock helps drivers easily find, buy, and fit tyres online

In theory, drivers should routinely assess the road-worthiness of their tyres to ensure they are safe to drive, but it would probably be safe to assume most don’t think all that much about them until they’ve got a flat.

The problem is that tyres can have a significant impact on the performance of a vehicle. According to a 2016 report, 12 percent – or 101 – of the 858 fatal road collisions that occurred in Ireland between 2008 and 2012 were due to a fault with a vehicle involved. Sixty-four percent of those 101 collisions were caused by worn tyres.

Looking to get Australian drivers thinking about their tyres is local startup Tyrestock.

Founded by French-born, Brisbane-based couple William Amiot and Elodie Desporte-Duperry, Tyrestock connects drivers to mechanical workshops for new tyre fittings and maintenance, and in turn mechanical workshops to suppliers for the quick delivery of new tyres.

With the couple already running a number of businesses, including tyre importing and exporting business Axxess Tyres, the push to create the new service came after Desporte-Duperry had a punctured tyre on the highway while driving alone with the couple’s two children. Read more

Gina Baldassare – Startup Daily – 13 Apr 2018