Sneaky tactics and 6am starts: How the founder of Lonely Kids Club built a thriving ethical clothes brand

On his own admission, Warwick Levy did a lot of sneaky things to try and make his ethical clothing brand a success in the early days.

“I used to sneak into fashion shows I wasn’t invited to, or sit outside local gigs with big tupperware containers full of my clothes just so I could flog them at cost price,” the founder laughs.

Levy’s business is Lonely Kids Club, a mid-sized ethical fashion brand run out of Sydney, with a passionate caste of online followers drawn to the brand’s wellbeing-conscious and wholesome line of products.

But back in 2011, the brand was still in its infancy and the founder was struggling to gain notoriety. Deciding all he wanted to do was to “make t-shirts and sell them”, Levy dropped out of his construction degree and threw himself into the business despite scepticism from his friends and family.

“People told me a career in fashion wasn’t a possibility, but I decided to do it anyway. I dropped out, learned how to make t-shirts, and found an artist I really liked in Melbourne,” the founder says.

“I lived with him in a shed for a week, and during that time we made the first batch of Lonely Kids Club designs.” Read more

Dominic Powell – SmartCompany – 9 October 2018