A key challenge faced by employees in 2018 is the delineation of boundaries between work and personal lives, brought about by technological mobility. We now have the ability to access work servers from a park bench and have email in our pockets, granting access to our working lives at all times.

Social media now provides a platform through which our opinions have a potential reach of over two billion people. Whilst there are many positive attributes of social media usage from an advocacy or communication perspective, use of social media channels can very quickly turn problematic when used to convey dissatisfactions about a person or organisation.

In the absence of adequate security settings, sensitive information and personal opinions can be seen far beyond their intended network, including work colleagues and superiors.

If an organisation itself chooses to use social media for purposes such as employee engagement or marketing, a range of obligations must also be fulfilled to protect itself from misconduct. Read more

Simon Wilkins – Dynamic Business – 30 Apr 2018