Sydney startup BioConnected has created wireless biosensing headphones with an in-ear coach

Hitting the market in October 2017, Australian company BioConnected targets runners with their wireless headphones called HR+, which have a built-in heart rate monitor and in-ear training coach.

The company has set out with the aim of boosting a person’s health and wellness with their bio-sensing headphones, which measure heart rate by blood flow analysis through a person’s ears. A user also gets coaching encouragement through real-time information and a fitness app that records and reports on all run data to help training and performance.

An eye on growing their market outside of Australia has been helped by a successful pitch at the University of Queensland’s HYPE Spin Lab and winning the Austrade Going Global Award; with this, the team will be having a short residency at one of Austrade’s Landing Pads in Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, San Francisco, or Tel Aviv.

BioConnected’s cofounder Dr Sven Rees talked to Bullpen about launching the first version of their product and what’s in store for the company.

Six months in, what has the customer and market reaction been to your product?

We have over 700 happy customers and to keep it in perspective that’s us selling it almost direct. It’s a huge difference from being in a retail store where if you applied proper margins it would be the equivalent of us selling over 4000 units. Read more

Clint Vojdinoski – Startup Daily – 22 June 2018