Sydney startup Inamo draws global attention after helping Visa make pay-wave sunglasses

“A Sydney startup that is developing wearable payment technology has found itself at the centre of global attention after Visa asked it to collaborate in the development of pay-wave sunglasses.

Inamo, a founding startup at Stone & Chalk, had just raised $1 million to launch a pay-and-go watch when Visa knocked on its door in December 2016.

“Before we even had anything out in the market, we actually [worked with Visa] and that’s pretty daunting and humbling as well,” Inamo founder Peter Colbert tells StartupSmart.

Together with Visa and New South Wales-based sunglasses manufacturer Local Supply, Inamo helped create WaveShades — sunglasses that act like a digital wallet.” Read more

Dinushi Dias Smart Company 17 Mar 2017